#Influencer360: Top Youtube Stars from Latin America

It’s Friday again and INfleur is proud to bring to readers another hot-list! In today’s edition, we introduce the big dawgs running the Youtube game down in South America. Plus you know there’s a lot of sexy in Latina-land 🙂 So sit back and enjoy this list!

1. Jeffery Almonte 161K subscribers (IG: @thealmontefilms)


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Promise you 📸: @djstvnsn #photography #cinematography #portrait #afropunkbrooklyn #blackfilmmakers

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Jeffery was born to be on camera! He is a New York-based, Afro-Latino film critic. Jeffery provides a perfect blend of humor and seriousness. His videos talk about everything from relationships to Latin American politics. His 161,000 subscribers definitely get the best of both worlds.

2. Lejuan James 165K subscribers (IG: @lejuanjames)


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Never forget… The Greatest to EVER do it was a Hispanic Woman named SELENA. 💃🏻 #TeamLeJuan

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Lejuan does point-blank comedy! He had his claim to fame when Vine was a thing, but after it collapsed, Lejuan used his new found fame for the better on Youtube. Thanks to his name, which rhymes with his favorite NBA star Lebron James, Lejuan has struck it big on all social media platforms. He even has over 2M followers on Instagram alone! Now that’s a man with some luck–and he absolutely will make you laugh!

3. Kayla Marie 283K subscribers (IG: @cutesygirl09)

Beauty vlogging is a big thing now and Marie cannot be excluded. She makes the most unique videos with complete makeup tutorials. One thing that makes her stand out is that she shows us more than doing her makeup–every other aspect of her life counts! And her fans love her for that.

4. Dulce Candy 2.2M subscribers (IG: @dulcecandy)

Dulce is one of the really huge ones. She flaunts her style, gives beauty& hairdo tips, home & interior decor advice and throws in some lifestyle hacks too. Talk about an all-round influencer! The best part is she’s fluent in both English and Spanish!

#Influencer360: Top Youtube Stars from Latin America
5. Reality Changers 630K subscribers (IG:@realitychangers)


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Music is everything for Latin Americans, and this is how this family changed reality. Single dad Jorge Narvaez first caught people’s eyes with his cover of the song “Home” (originally by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros). Soon enough, he got his entire family into the mix and their vlog is just beautiful. They sing, they play house and do so many other fun things. His parenting-focused channel has more than 600,000 subscribers–the top Hispanic influencer has videos that offer parenting tips and advice.

6. Luan Palomera 5M subscribers (IG:@luanpalorema)


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L O S A N G E L E S ! ! ⚽️

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Luan, known as The Sticky Tech on Youtube, has more than 5M subscribers! All for one thing–prank videos. Yup, the kind of fun Luan has is indescribable– you have to watch for yourself. The Sticky Tech also features some cartoons and reviews of discontinued junk foods.

7. Camila Coelho 3.3M subscribers (IG:@camilacoelho)

This beauty is here to show you how to be beautiful! Camila is one of the biggest Latina beauty influencers, and she vlogs in Portuguese. Her family life is also not excluded in her videos. She had lots of views for a trip they took to Disney last year. She’s bossing Instagram too with over 7M followers. Can’t blame her, her style and beauty is impeccable.

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