Travel blogger regrets not narrating horrible Dom. Republic experience

Travel blogging is one that has many risks, most of which we do not hear about. But one American travel influencer, Cora Smith, has come clean about a very bad experience she had on a trip. She revealed that Dominican Republic is a ‘dangerous’ place to visit, recalling how she almost got kidnapped and abused twice! Yet, instead of speaking on this at the time, she rather posted ‘beautiful’ things — a move the travel blogger regrets deeply.


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Last year, Cora and her husband Jay took a trip to the Dominican Republic, only to experience horrors

The couple known on Instagram as apparently spent three months in the Dominican Republic, to kick-start their two-year trip around the globe.

They were there from March to June 2018, and had such an experience they regret not talking about. But due to recent tourist death reports, Cora decided to open up to INSIDER.

On their Instagram, they only posted beautiful, scenic photos of the country. However, in April 2018, she wrote a blog post dubbed ‘Female Travelers going to Dominican Republic – Beware.’  This was her first account of how things went down.


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“After arriving in the Dominican Republic with my husband, I knew immediately I was going to have issues here”

In an elaborate article, Mrs Smith had written about everything she went through during their trip.

“I hate to write negative posts about a place, but I’m also interested in providing people with honest travel advice”, she began. According to the piece, Cora was sure she wouldn’t like her stay as soon as she arrived. She complained of excessive “cat calling” and hissing everywhere she went, with our without Jay.

However, despite that, she decided to go on a run, alone, one morning. That was when she almost got abducted.

“I was wearing my head phones, but men were yelling at me so loudly that I could still hear them. There were guys trying to cross the street to get my attention. There were guys inappropriately staring me up and down as I approached them. It was just very uncomfortable”, she narrated.

“Then a bunch of cars were passing me, going quite fast I might add. One man yelled at me out the window. He passed me and then pulled his car over, blocking and entire lane of traffic!”

 “He gets out of his car, quickly opens his passenger side door and motions me to get in… and acts like he’s going to grab me and try to force me in his car”


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The second isolated event happened when she went riding with her husband

This time, Cora claims she was actually groped by two men, who then laughed in her face and took off!

“I was quite exhausted because we had been riding bikes now for 3 hours in the hottest part of the day. We were on a paved road just outside the airport. My husband was maybe 20 strides ahead of me”, she explained.

“Two Dominican men pass us on the other side of the road going the other direction. These guys turned their scooter around and came up and slowed down right next to me. The man on the back of the scooter reaches out and grabs my butt. I was completely shocked and furious”.

“He started to laugh at me in my face. I tried to create a little distance as they were so close to me our legs were touching. I pulled back out in attempt to kick them and knock the scooter over”, Mrs Smith continued.

“When I did this, then the guy reaches out and grabs my chest. I’m talking full on groped me”

She screamed for Jay but everything happened too fast. He only found out when they’d sped off.
“They were violating me in every way you can except being raped,” she told Insider. “I kept trying to kick them away but I had no control of what was happening.”

Travel blogger regrets not narrating horrible Dom. Republic experience

While sharing her story with the publication, Cora disclosed that she feared to speak out at first. She thought she’d be rejected for trying to badmouth a popular destination.

Also, she could not report to authorities in Dominican Republic because of a prior incident with them. According to her, officers had once threatened to put her husband in jail if he didn’t give them his wallet.

“The whole time I was there, every fiber of my being was questioned,” she said. “I was miserable. I was sad, I was depressed.”, adding that they couldn’t afford to change travel plans — they stayed for three months.

Nonetheless, the travel blogger regrets only posting on the fun times and not the bad. Especially now that another female tourist, Tammy Lawrence-Daley, 51, “alleged she was strangled, beaten, and left for dead during the second night of her January vacation stay at the Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana”, the Daily Mail wrote.

And even though Tammy officially reported this to Dominican police, they claim ‘there is a lot of conjecture about the case’ and ‘a lot of information that doesn’t match some of the statements.’

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