Travel bloggers receive backlash for risky train photo!

Yet again, some travel bloggers have received backlash for a photo they posted. This travel couple, Raquel and Miguel, are known for doing the most in their pictures. But when they leaned out of a moving train to get that perfect Insta shot, the internet did not find it funny!


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The couple are eye-candy everyday, but not today!

Raquel and Miguel, known as @explorerssaurus_ on Instagram, are one of travel’s favorite sweethearts. They explore the world and present delicious photos to prove it. In fact, they seem to be living their best lives because their feed is perfect.

But when they stepped out a moving train in Sri-Lanka for a photo (which looked great by the way), the internet was sooo not having it.


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In the image, Miguel is seen planting a kiss on Raquel’s forehead, while they literally ‘hang’ out the train. Certainly, the picture is romantic, or some would say “goals”.
But, apparently, it wasn’t worth it.

Thousands of comments poured in with people reprimanding the couple over the highly ‘Instagrammable’ yet dangerous pose.

“Such an irresponsible picture! Shame to see people who will do anything for social media even risk their lives,” one user wrote.

“Mentally ill, like your followers..”, another said. “Idiotic!” “Beautiful, but she can fall of the trip the 🚆 train… Very glamour…. One kiss ..”, others added.

 “Wow…This will inspire more to do this. Dangerous, irresponsible and all in the name of vanity. Be a role model guys… it’s not rocket science.”

Some followers, along with the couple themselves, defended the post

Despite the heavy backlash the post seemed to have brought, the couple defended their pose.

In a comment beneath the post, they explained that the train was moving ‘really slow’, and hence posed no danger to them.

Others who had used the train in that area, also attested to this.

“I’ve been on that train and you are right – it moves very slowly. Everybody hangs out of it occasionally,” a user said.

“Don’t mind the haters. I’d do the same as you did. Make great memories. Enjoy yourself. Much love♥️”, another supported.

Many others threw in compliments about how much they loved the photo. Except a number of people who still weren’t convinced.

“I’m 99% sure it’s not the slow moving train that is the problem,” one of them commented. “It’s the fact that there’s a giant ravine below, one slip of the hand or foot and the couple are both dead. All for a pretty picture…”


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Travel bloggers receive backlash for risky train photo!

This is not the first time travel bloggers have come under fire for doing dangerous poses.

Not long ago, a blogger known as @oneoceanaway_, posed on the rails of a train while it approached, just to be creative. Guess you know how that went!

Again, a travel couple fell off a cliff and died at Yosemite, soon after they got that insta-shot.

Moreover, according to Yahoo News, many people die annually from trying to take risky selfies.

“Last year, a study found that more than 259 people across the world died taking selfies between 2011 to 2018. The highest death toll occurred in India followed by Russia, the US and Pakistan”, they wrote.

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