Travel couple risk lives in latest photoshoot– Instagram lashes out

This is probably the most dangerous one yet! Another travel couple is in hot waters on the gram for posing ridiculously. In the photo, which was shot in Bali, Kelly is seen in an infinity pool, while Kody hangs outside of it– in Kelly’s arms. They also share a kiss in the shot. However, the picture is as terrifying as you could imagine. What if Kelly’s arms give away and he drops Kody? These were the thoughts of many people online, who have now branded the couple ‘stupid’ and ‘irresponsible’.


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Why do they keep doing these things?

Looks like this would not be the last we hear of this!

Yet again, another Instagram couple decides to do the impossible. Kelly and Kody run a joint Instagram account called @positravelty. On this account, the travel couple shows the best of Indonesia and its beautiful oceans.

Of course their pictures are amazing, but this particular photo did not sit well with their audience.


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“That’s why so many people die taking a selfie!” one comment read, while another said: “Proper stupidity right here… Who cares if you know what your limits are, one wrong move and she’s dead mate, dead forever.”

“Silly stunt. Real couple won’t ever do this stunt. Those who have greatest care for their loved ones won’t ever do this silly stunt”, another read. “So desperate for fame you’d even die smh”.

“Feelin 100% certain backwards-cap boy wouldn’t follow her down to declare her dead. Peace and Love!”

But the travel couple have defended their pose

Beneath their own post, the couple’s account commented, explaining that they had measures in place to protect them.

Kody revealed that despite what everyone thought, there was actually another pool below the pool they were shot in. In that case, should she have fallen, it’d be just to take a swim.


But they still weren’t in the clear with their explanation.

Some users maintained their stance, saying the photo was still risky and it sent across a ‘bad’ message to others.

“If there’s a pool below that you cut out, then the pic is twice as pointless. It’s dangerous, oh wait it’s not dangerous, oh wait… pointless,” one person wrote.

“There’s water there, no fucking way. Oh my God that just makes it all better doesn’t it? What if she lands wrong, what if she had gotten her foot stuck in one of those holes connected to the pool you were on, what if she had landed wrong because clearly you are at least higher then 3 meters which would give her a good enough speed to reach a speed which would hurt her pretty bad if landing was a failure”, a lengthier comment read.

“It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in a [coffin]”


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Travel couple risk lives in latest photoshoot– Instagram lashes out

Nevertheless, many people were in support of the pose and thought the photograph was just gorgeous.

“Beautiful shot! Not sure why this is such a big deal to everyone. Enjoy life and take risks!”, one said. “I think its a beautiful moment and picture. I hope they frame it. True love, a powerful trust”, another commented.

“Some of you guys need to just chill. It’s their life. Their experience. Their choice! The fact that most of you have these negative things to say needs to go kick air. I bet most of you have not life the way they have and still sits on your couch and dream you had an ounce of courage as them. I am sure they took every precaution possible and considered all the outcome. So chill people. Let them live!”

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