Travel influencer defied parents, but is making 6 figures annually!

A travel influencer has made it big in two years, and is telling his story. Drew Binsky, who quit his job as a teacher to globe-trot the world, has revealed he made over $154,000 last year. He also said his parents were not happy about his decision to become a blogger, but guess who’s smiling now?


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In barely two years, Drew is living the life he’s always dreamed!

Drew started off as an English teacher, before going into blogging. Now, he’s a full-time travel influencer, feeding his audience with videos of his experience. With one of his biggest strides being 500million Youtube views, Drew is definitely living his best life.

But it wasn’t that straightforward for the travel influencer.

He holds a double degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship, which he got at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2013. However, when he told his parents he wanted to fly off to South Korea to become an English teacher, they sort of ‘disapproved’.

“A double degree from a major university and he’s running off to teach English?”, Drew recalled his father saying. “At first, it was hard to convince my mom and my parents that I’m going to do this full time”, he told CNBC.

“My mom’s like, ‘When are you going to come back to get a corporate job?'”

His mother revealed that she’d always expected her son to live in the United States, doing a regular office job. “We’re very traditional, so, you know, we send our kids to college and then they get a degree, and then you expect them to work and hopefully, come back to Arizona”, she told the news network.


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Yet somehow, Drew made it all work out

Aside having visited 163 countries, endorsements and ads earn him lots.

“Last year, Drew said he made more than $154,000 in income through advertising revenues from Facebook and YouTube, along with brand partnerships with companies such as, which use influencers to help promote their business”, CNBC wrote.

Nevertheless, the travel influencer explained that he never saw himself getting this far, and also advises ‘patience’ to up and coming influencers.

 “You can’t just overnight become a successful video-maker or anything with any profession,” he said. “If you’re a golfer, you can’t just wake up tomorrow and be on the PGA Tour.”

“His career really took off after he took an organized trip to North Korea and posted videos from the trip that collectively generated more than 10 million views”, the news network added.

In fact, Drew says his earnings vary monthly from $1000-$30000, depending on his activities. Furthermore, he saves more money because he travels on a ‘tight budget’.

“I never look at the money as a motivation or a drive to do what I do”

Travel influencer defied parents, but is making 6 figures annually!

And as for his parents, they are enjoying the ride so far. Thanks to Drew’s big step, they have had the chance to visit countries like Vietnam.

 “It’s opened up our lives to different cultures, different foods and ya know, different areas,” his mother, Ellen, said.

Moreover, Drew now feels they approve of his career; and that the ‘corporate job’ topic has been thrown out the window for now.

“It’s just amazing, the millennial generation, they will figure out,” Danny said. “Five, six, ten years ago, this didn’t exist,” he explained.

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