Trending: Teen cries over exam results, bodyshamed influencer speaks out & more

A lot has happened this week, throughout the world of influencers and bloggers. So in this piece, INfleur’s giving readers a bit of it all. Trending today, a teenage blogger broke down in tears on Insta TV, after seeing her exam score. Then in Australia, a lifestyle blogger rants over brands who body-shame her. Meanwhile in the UK, a woman born with a facial disorder goes against all odds to become a beauty blogger. Let’s dig in!


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Teenage beauty blogger, Lucy Fitz, burst out in tears after shocking exam results

First in our trending news is 19-year-old Irish beauty blogger, Lucy Fitz, who went viral for tearing up on IG TV.

She recently completed her Leaving Certificate, which is Ireland’s final high school exam. So to share with followers, she got on her Instagram and started to read out her grades. Unfortunately, her results were far from expectation — Lucy failed in Chemistry.

The video cut, and then showed Lucy weeping and lamenting.

“Hey guys, I’m not crying because I’m disappointed – like, okay, obviously I’m a bit disappointed,” she said tearfully.

“I failed chemistry, I knew I was going to fail chemistry but like I thought maybe I might pass it.”

Ms Fitz says she felt disappointed because she “spent so much time and effort” preparing for the exams.

Yet she insisted that “everything works out for a reason” and explained she didn’t even want to further her education at university.

“I hope everyone’s happy and if you wanted to go to college and you got your course and everything, I’m so happy for you. But if not, f**k that, it’s fine. I am not worried at all,” Lucy concluded.

Good thing is Lucy’s career is already popping. She has over 70,000 followers and recently launched her own cosmetic brand — a makeup palette which has almost sold out.

Australian influencer stands up for her body; bashes brands who bodyshamed her

Again in trending news is Australian influencer, Ariella Nyssa, who’s determined to “defeat beauty standards”.

Ariella is no new to the life of advocacy but this time she’s frustrated because several brands have ‘put her aside’ due to her body.

 “WHY IS SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE THIS. Why are brands trying to make us feel like crap if we don’t represent their “ideal” interpretations of bodies. I actually cannot believe that this has gone on for so long and I’m so angry with myself for accepting this as the norm for years,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

“I’ve had comments over the last few days stating “just because your not hot enough to be a Victoria secret angel you are having whinge” and “you have to have a law degree to be a lawyer, just like you have to have a modelling body to be a model”. Wait… WHAT!?,” Nyssa continued.

Why are brands trying to make us feel like crap if we don’t represent their “ideal” interpretations of bodies?

She further wrote some words of empowerment, challenging people and brands to make a change.

“BRANDS.. take a good hard look at your websites, your clothing, your models. Grow a pair and FIGHT THE INDUSTRY THATS MADE WOMEN FEEL LIKE THIS FOR SO LONG. BE the change. Do it for US”

“EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL AND EVERYONE DESERVES A CHANCE 🤛🏻 Fight the f*cking fight with me 👊🏻👙👗”

In the post included a slideshow of her photos “that have received the most hate” so far.


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But some good came from Ariella trending this week. Many people are rocking with her movement, and they let it show in the comment section. You go girl!

Woman born with facial disorder goes on to become a beauty blogger

Also trending was a British blogger who went past her insecurities to emerge a beauty blogger.

Katie Meehan, 23, was born with a rare condition — left side of her face was enlarged due to a condition that causes cysts to form on her tongue and cheek.


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The blogger had to undergo numerous surgeries from ages 4 to 7, leaving her with a large scar. She even recalled a time where a doctor discouraged her parents.

“When my mam said she was looking for surgeons outside the NHS one doctor said, ‘Don’t expect her to be walking down the catwalk one day”, she narrated.

But that did not stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Since launching her blog in 2013, Katie has had many feats including work with top brands like OLAY and Boots.

“My disfigurement doesn’t define me. It’s a huge part of who I am.”

She’s also been invited to speak on huge platforms like BBC 1 radio, BBC Three & ITV’s ‘This Morning’. Also, Katie was recently invited alongside other bloggers by the Government Equality Offices to discuss how they promote positive body image.


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Katie added: “The job is ­incredibly rewarding and the­ opportunities are amazing.”

Top Trending: Blogger exposed by sister for faking Insta shot

On a funnier note, a photo posted by Twitter user Carly Sosnowski gave over forty thousand people a good laugh this week.

This photo showed Carly’s sister, who’s a rising influencer, supposedly going on a hike. But it turned out there was no hike at all. Her sister, Casey, was just in their backyard faking the shot!

Casey, who saw the tweet much later, commented saying she felt “personally attacked”. But Carly hit back, wittily asking her how her hike was. Her sister  who went along with the joke, said it was ‘invigorating’.


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