Twinfluencers: Meet the top twins who run the show on Instagram!

You can find an influencer for just about anything these days. But what’s better than one influencer? Two! Yup, believe it or not, twins are outdoing almost everyone on the Instagram scene. Hence the name — Twinfluencers. Here’s a list of the top ones. Get ready to click the follow button!


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Walking into the long holiday weekend like…

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Twinfluencers: Meet the top twins who run the show on Instagram!
1. Brooklyn & Bailey4.9M followers

“Twinning is trending.” They’re 19 and are rocking it! Brooklyn and Bailey first hit the scene 10 years ago. The duo were YouTube’s cuties when they posed as models for their mother’s DIY hairstyle tutorials. And when they grew up, the sisters broke away, starting their personal channel — focused on typical teen girl topics, including fashion, makeup, and fun. In 2017, Forbes listed them as one of the year’s top kid influencers.


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2. The Dolan Twins4.7M followers

The Dolan Twins are no strangers to the game. With an Insta following of over 4.7M, these Americans are killing it on the gram, in the comedy field. On YouTube, they’re racking in cash through their 10M+ subscribers. Ethan and Grayson are so big they even got gigs on MTV. Plus two (2) awards on FOX’s  2016 Teen Choice Award show. And their claim to fame? Vine. 


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We shaved live on TRL with MTV. Finally🙌🏻😭 made it thru November Grayson kept bitching but we made I‎t

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3. Emma & Mila3.9M followers

The Stauffer twins are famous for so many reasons, comedy at the top. Mila made waves a couple of years ago, when their mother started to post funny videos of her complaining — often about adult stuff. Emma, who was much timid then, has now tagged along and together they boss the kid fashion world. In fact, the two debuted their very first collection with popular brand, Target.


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It’s Friday…time to go make stories for Monday 🙌🏼🎉

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4. SiAngie Twins 1.9M followers

Sianney and Angelise Garcia, known to the world as the SiAngie Twins, are the younger sisters of boxer Danny Garcia. But they’re much bigger than him if Instagram has everything to do with it! By age 16, the pair were popular for their unique musical talent. Their remarkable singing and rapping accrued more than 2.5 million fans on the then and over 363,000 subscribers on YouTube.


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DSG🤮 @dsgdesigner @dannyswiftgarcia

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5. McClure Twins1.8M followers

Ava and Alexis are probably the cutest twinfluencers . Also on the 2017 top kid influencer list from Forbes, the McClure’s sure are living it big. Back then, the girls were only 4 but were racking in more than $10K a post! Now they have many more sponsorship deals, and things keep getting better for them. In fact, they turn six tomorrow. Yipee!


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6. The Dobre Twins 1.8M followers

Lucas and Marcus are Instagram’s dance sweethearts. Yes, they’re mad talented and skillful dancers. They are also known for their pranks and skits on YouTube, where they have a massive 16M subscribers.


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let it snow let it snow let it snow

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7. Gülcan & Sahinur Twins 1.7M followers

Germany’s very own 22-year-old twinfluencers, Gulcan and Sahinur, make our top list. They started their gram in 2015 and are all about color-coordinated fashion and style. This has earned them a number of endorsement deals so far.


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Left or Right …? 1 or 2 …? 🦋 Tag your BFF 👯💫 #ad #twins

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8. Clermont Twins 1.3M followers

See them as the ‘Kardashian’ version of twinfluencers. “Shannon and Shannade Clermont originally got famous from the early aughts TV show Bad Girls Club,” Elle Magazine wrote. They are known for posting X-rated fashion outfits, and their colorful hairpieces and long nails.

They’re also the most ‘scandalous’ on this list. Shannade was recently found guilty of fraud, and is going away for a year. The duo still make this list as they’re very powerful on Instagram, regardless.


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JUST FOLLOWING MY INSTINCT 🦈 Hat @fashionnova 🧜🏾‍♀️ #clermonttwins

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9. Official Les Twins – 1.1M followers

If you’re a fan of French culture, hit that follow button for this two! Laurent Nicolas and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois got famous for everything–from their hair to their dance moves, modeling, designing and music! The pair go on tours around to world to share their talent, and offer training as well. On YouTube, they have almost 900,000 subscribers, which means people are really keeping tabs on them. You should too!


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Excited to announce we are the faces of the new fragrance #onlythebravestreet by @dieselfragrances 👊 #diesel #dieselfragrances

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10. Twin Melody934K followers

Finally, we have the Spanish music sensation, Paula and Aitana Etxeberria. Together these twinfluencers are the voices behind YouTube cover group Twin Melody. The singer and songwriters won a musical contest in Basque called ‘A ze banda’, and that drew more attention to the them. On Youtube, Twin Melody has over 1 million subscribers.


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