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INfleur gets Upclose and Personal with rising Food/Travel blogger, Inga LIsa @_ingali_

This week’s edition of 12 Questions, 12 Answers is special to us. Why? Well it’s because we are presenting a fresh, all-round, up and coming blogger. She’s known as Inga Lisa and can be found on Instagram and Facebook. Furthermore, Inga has a beautiful blog where she shares with her readers escapades of her travels, food, style, among other things. Let’s get to know more about this newbie by asking us our favorite 12 Questions #12Q12A

1. Worst experience all year: Luckily, I didn’t have something really bad happening this year. Does it count that I threw my laptop on the floor? 😀 I was so scared that it broke because I just bought it a few months ago. But it is still working.

2. Where would you rather be and be doing what right now? Actually I am pretty happy with my life at the moment. I like what I’m doing, I have amazing people around me and I am looking forward to what’s coming next. Maybe, sitting at a beach would make it perfect it is so cold here right now 😀

3. One favorite childhood memory:  I always loved traveling even as a child. The most vivid memories I have are from our holidays. Once we were hiking in France and saw wild horses. One of them was very curious and came almost as close so I could touch it. It was a magical moment and made me so happy.

4. One life changing experience you have had: I think one of the most life changing experiences for me was living in Canada for eight months. I studied there a few years ago and living in a different country for such a long time definitely changes who you are.

5. Must watch movie according to you: I am a huge fan of disney movies and could watch them over and over again. Lion King is maybe one that everyone should watch once in their life.

6. Most interesting celebrity gossip you have heard all year: Just recently when Prince Harry and Meghan announced their engagement <3

7. One influencer within your space that inspires you: Alexas Earth was one of the first persons I followed on Instagram and I still love her feed and blog today. She is a very inspiring and authentic person and her pictures are always amazing.

8. Stuck on earth alone, name three things you must have with you: Do my boyfriend and my family count? Probably not, so I would say my camera, something to read and a notebook to write down my experiences and thoughts.

9.  Started a family yet? If so, share any challenges you have with balancing that with work. If not, do you have plans of starting one soon? : I live together with my boyfriend but we haven’t started a family yet and don’t have any concrete plans ? I just finished my studies and I think we have enough time left but one day I definitely want my own family.

10.  Most valued belonging: At the moment I probably couldn’t live without my camera.

11. Any plans for the coming festive season? : Spending lots of time with the people I love – my friends and family. I like keeping it slow during christmas season and try to focus on the important things in my life.

12. Coin an interesting saying for us all by yourself:

Smile more often! A simple smile can change your day or the day of someone else.

Lovely interview Inga Lisa! We hope you enjoyed it just as we did 🙂
Amanda Lucy


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