Vegan blogger in hot waters–caught on camera eating fish!

A popular Vegan blogger is under fire for doing, probably, the ‘worst possible thing’. Rawvana sparked rage among her millions of subscribers, when she was spotted in a video eating fish! The blogger has since apologized and explained her actions. But that did not stop her fans from calling her a ‘fake vegan’.


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The Vegan community is livid!

Yovana Mendoza Ayres, her real name, is a renowned vegan blogger and social media influencer. With over 3.5 million Youtube subscribers, and another 1.3M Instagram followers, Rawvana is a force to be reckoned with. She preaches vegan lifestyle in all things– especially food and health. In fact, her channel has been running for more than six (6) years.

But it only took seconds for her entire image to be tarnished!

It was a huge shock to all, when a video with Yovana in it surfaced the internet. Now in this video, posted by another vlogger, the self-acclaimed vegan was clearly seen with a plate of fish before her!

The worst part is, as soon as she realized her friend was capturing her, she tried to hide! Take a look:

Vegan blogger in hot waters–the response

All hell broke lose on the internet, after this video hit the web. It has been one insult after the other, while several others threaten to unsubscribe.

“Another fake vegan stealing money from the community,” one user said. “LOL fake ass conceited money hungry cringy h*e”, another said in spite.

“Stop following her as a deceitful scammer for playing with people’s health falsely, hypocrite”

The comments go on and on. Some even resorted to leaving fish emojis in her comment section, mocking her for eating fish.


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Yovana has finally responded to the issue

In light of all the ruckus this has caused on the internet, the vegan blogger has stepped in to clear the air.

She released a 33-minute long video on her Youtube channel, admitting to eating fish, meat and eggs, as well as a reason why.

In the heavily emotional video, Yovana started off by wholeheartedly apologizing to all her subscribers. The 29-year old then spoke about a 25-day water fast, which caused her to miss her period for two whole years!

She also disclosed she was borderline anaemic and her hormone levels were pre-menopausal.


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Then, the real bombshell was revealed. Yovana explained how all these led to her having digestion problems. She added that she was diagnosed later with SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), and that forced her to change her diet.

According to Yovana, her doctor was the one who advised her to start consuming fish and eggs, for her treatment.

“That’s exactly why I hadn’t shared it with you. For me, it’s still an experiment”, she said.

“I feel like I am doing this out of self-love. This is my personal experience. This is my body. Something that I’ve learned is that everybody is different”

However, her followers are still disappointed and negative comments keep coming in

Despite Yovana’s attempt to justify her actions, people are still not having it. After five days of the video release, over 10,000 people have disliked it–as compared to the 3,400 that liked.

Some even claim the blogger monetized her apology, since ads ran through the entire video. Others are pushing her to deactivate the channel, while a few likened her apology to that of other ‘fraudulent’ bloggers like Brittany Dawn.

“‘I’m human…’ Starting to sound like a Brittany Dawn apology”, a user commented.

Watch Yovana’s video below:

Although it is unclear what step the ‘vegan’ would take next, she sure has paid for her mistakes.

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