Vegan blogger reveals interesting secret about her past in new book

Few days into 2019 and we’ve already started seeing authenticity on Instagram! Popular Australian blogger, Freelee the Banana girl, just launched her new e-book titled ‘The Naked Lunchbox’. Now in this book, the Vegan blogger revealed more about her life–most importantly her ‘interesting’ past. She disclosed how she resorted to stripping to help pay off debts…


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First of all, you may be wondering the meaning of her name. Well, Freelee is called the Banana Girl because she’s popular for eating 51 bananas every day! She’s an activist for Vegan lifestyle and animals. In fact, the 38-year old moved to the jungles of South America in order to enjoy her new lifestyle.

But before her ‘awakening’, Freelee had a past. A past in which she revealed in her new e-book, ‘My Naked Lunchbox’. In this book, she details her favorite recipes, personal anecdotes and ’empowering’ words of advice for women.

The highlight of this book was when Freelee the banana girl narrates how she had to become a nude stripper, after she fell into debt.


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Vegan blogger reveals interesting secret about her past in new book

In one of the chapters, the blonde described how she got into a strip club as a worker. She said she remembers being in debt many years prior; so she spoke to a friend who was also a raw foodie–and a spandex-sporting stripper. 

Her friend, whom she refused to name, then disclosed to her that she’d made $500,000 from the job! Instantly, Freelee became interested and started to make plans.

“I hurried home and spent hours trying to look like a prostitute. I covered my pores in sexy makeup, then fitted my wig, stuffed my fake tits into an extra-padded pushup bra, and grabbed my new heels,” she wrote.

“The management gave me an outfit on the night, so I wore my favorite striped jeans and a white low-cut top. My friend said I may have to dance nude if someone paid for that option – wtf nude!”, she added.


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Freelee explains that she’d never felt more like an ‘object’ during those hours in the strip club

Going by the stage name ‘ Candy’, Freelee was to earn $300 for a half-hour session. During that session, she was asked to ‘persuade’ men to buy drinks. The more drunk they got, the ‘looser’ they were with cash. So she found her first victim, who fell for her charm immediately.

“I felt like a thing when he looked at me, and that’s all I was to him – a sex object to use and abandon,” she recalled.

They had to move to a private room (after agreeing to a price of course), and there she had to strip…but failed.

“I didn’t want to be ‘sexy’ for him, to share this much of myself. I just wanted his cash. I wanted to pay off my debt so I could maintain my sh**** city lifestyle”. She eventually told him she “couldn’t do this” and rushed out the room.

“I felt like trash so within minutes I quit dancing”



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Freelee then changed her lifestyle and that saved her a lot of cash

“Today the popular vegan YouTuber is living off-grid in a cabin in South America with her partner where they grow their own fruit, weave their own mats and enjoy a minimalist lifestyle”, the Dailymail wrote.

Also, the blogger cut out almost all expenses on cosmetics and makeup–including razors and shampoos. This change alone saved her more than $4000 in less than a year!

“It’s been almost a year since I’ve dyed my hair, I calculated I’ve saved around $2,000 on that. I’ve stopped wearing synthetic eyelashes at around $100 a month. No longer getting eyebrows sugar waxed and tinted around $50 a month”

“These human characteristics are only sold to us as ‘flaws that need fixing’ in order to sell us useless expensive f*****g products. Ugh. It was exhausting trying to maintain an unrealistic standard set by fake Photoshopped media pics,” she added.

Guess we have a thing or two to learn from Freelee the Banana Girl 🙂

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