When an “Insta-famous” pet influencer dies…

Social media influencing has spread out to different groups of people…and even animals. People find pets on Instagram to be adorable. With time, they also become famous, especially on Instagram. This is the story of ‘Insta-famous’ French bulldog, Chloe. But unfortunately, Chloe died a year ago…and there has been no closure for her owner since.


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In 2017, Chloe the Mini Frenchie was one of the biggest influencer pets out there. Loni Edwards, 34, was her owner. “We did everything together. Every flight. Every meeting. We cuddled every night,” Loni said.

They were inseparable. And Chloe was fast-rising into such a huge insta-star. With 181,000 followers, Chloe had everything going for her, from endorsements to sponsored ads. Then, out of nowhere, she died in the most horrifying way…

After a successful routine surgery, an after-surgery mistake led Chloe to lose her life

“Chloe went in for a routine surgery and was taken to a 24-hour pet hospital to recover. There, staff mis-calibrated an oxygen machine and blew out the 14lb dog’s lungs. She went into cardiac arrest and died shortly afterwards”, The Guardian reported.

This tragedy left owner, Loni, devastated. “Chloe was my child and they killed her in such an awful, thoughtless way,” she said in pain.


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A lawsuit against the hospital has been fruitless and it’s been close to a year now, Loni Edwards is speaking out

Due to the sensitivity of the issue when it first occurred, Loni pretty much said nothing. Only an Instagram post to inform the fans and followers about Chloe’s death. However, it’s been close to a year now and with no solutions to the error, Loni is ready to tell it all.

First off, she founded an agency called “The Dog Agency” in 2015. Over here, she managed several animal social media influencers. Loni had signed on a couple of other famous pet influencers like Tuna Melts My Heart and Harlow&Sage, closing advertising and sponsorship deals for them. Loni, who is actually a lawyer by trade, says that her inspiration for the agency came after she received lots of sponsorship offers via Chloe’s Instagram account.

Truly, Chloe was Loni’s everything. So it comes from pain that she has to now speak out on her lawsuit against the pet hospital, BluePearl. “The facility had issued a statement acknowledging that Chloe’s death was a ‘medical error that shouldn’t have happened’ and that it was ‘committed to working with the Edwards family and responding to their concerns'”, The Guardian added.


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So what exactly went wrong with the case?

Well it turns out animals and pets are treated as property, and have no rights. In other words, the only form of compensation available, when a pet dies due to ‘vet hospital negligence’ is replacement cost of the pet. “Because pets are considered property and have no rights, there isn’t really vet malpractice or any repercussions when your fur baby is killed…That was shocking to me,” Loni exclaimed.

When an “Insta-famous” pet influencer dies…

“She was becoming this huge star in such high demand. So it was a huge financial loss.”

Despite the fact that Chloe is an icon and in someway a celebrity, the laws still remain. Before she died, she was on billboard ads for Google’s Pixel smartphone and subway ads for the luxury bedding company Brooklinen, among other endorsements. This means that there has been loss in earnings on Ms Edwards’ side. “She was becoming this huge star in such high demand,” said Loni. “So it was a huge financial loss.”


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Meanwhile the hospital issued a statement recently saying, “We have communicated with the family’s legal representative multiple times and remain committed to working with them.”

Such grief for Loni as she not only lost her muse, but also a great source of income.
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