Wish-list for 2019: Places you must visit!

Travel is now a must-do for most people. Safe to say travel influencing has invoked the wanderlust spirit in us all. Through blogs, we have enough information on how to travel cheaper, and how to take the most ‘Instagrammable’ photos. And with 2019 looking like a great year already, what better than to plan your trips in advance? Here is the list of of 10 destinations you must visit before the year ends!

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10 top travel destinations for 2019

1. China


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This US$288 million Shanghai hotel is the world’s deepest, with just two floors above ground.

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Yeah you must have heard this before, but China still stands high as one of the top places to visit. It is home to many amazing and beautiful cities. Each of them with its own distinct aesthetics. One hotspot to look out for though is China’s most innovative city – Shēnzhèn. The night life in that city is incredible with a nice indie-scene, cool cafes and so much art to see.

2. Greenland


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Greenland is cold, but absolutely beautiful. With its natural beauty, Greenland offers a number of outdoor activities including kayaking, climbing, diving, and more. Certainly one to consider!

3. Belize


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The country of clear waters! Belize is one of the best spots if you need a place with sunlight and deep blue seas– to keep you refreshed throughout the holiday. Now is the best time to go because the weather is dry-humid till late April. Plus it’s not too costly–an average daily spending of $60. Sounds fair right? Don’t overthink it…just do it!

4. Slovenia


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One of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe is Slovenia. “Slovenia is a slice of heaven in Central Europe, and it’s totally worth the visit”, Elite Daily wrote about the country. It presents a great sight of both exhilarating highlands and delicious green waters. Then there’s the cultural touch of grand castles and fortes that hold rich history. So put that on your list too!

5. Botswana


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For that unforgettable Safari experience in Africa, Botswana should be your pick! Botswana is one of the cleanest African countries with mouth-watering food, friendly people, political stability and low crime rates–to say the least . In addition, a new elephant park just opened–The Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge. This lodge promises an authentic adventure with nature, wildlife and absolute relaxation. Start booking that flight to Bots!

Wish list 2019: 10 countries you must visit this year

6. New Zealand


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Another amazing place to visit this year is New Zealand. Even though it’s much like Australia, the country is home to several distinct tourist sites. With their own airline–Air New Zealand, you can book an easy and direct flight to the wildlife. Bungee jumping, skydiving, long canopy walks, spas, beautiful sunset etc dominate the South Island of NZ. Explore!

7. Mexico


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Culture engulfs Mexico like no other North American country. The capital, Mexico City, bears witness to centuries of architectural design and artistic movements. Therefore, there are a number of historic sites to learn about. Moreover, there are many modern hotels and restaurants springing up in the city. In fact, Mexico City was was named World Design Capital in 2018. So much to see in this country, make it a point to visit!

8. Nepal


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Back in Asia is Nepal, a country blessed with several jaw-dropping scenery. Famous for being the home of the world’s highest mountain, Mt Everest, Nepal is one place to prove how sporty you are. Then there are shrines which hold a lot of religious value to the people. Stories about them can be very insightful.  “Whether you’re feeling really adventurous and want to trek the Himalayas, or simply kick back, relax, and take in the breathtaking sites, you’re in for a real treat”, Elite Daily writes.

9. Turkey


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Instanbul, Turkey is among the world’s most beautiful cities–hands down! But there are other equally awesome places to visit in Turkey. A perfect example is the Turquoise Coast — Turkey’s serene Mediterranean and Aegean riviera. The view is heavenly! Plus many luxury hotels have sprung up along the coast to give you an added royal experience.

10. Poland


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Lastly, Poland makes our list for so many reasons. First of all, exploring Poland is relatively cheap. So if you’re on a budget but still want a quality trip, look no further. Again, the view in Poland has undergone dramatic change over the decade. Now the architecture there is perfect…more like a second Berlin. Furthermore, the country is filled with modernity as the youthful energy is on high now. Safe to say Poland is a globetrotter’s top choice for 2019!

Now that we know where to go in 2019, we’d probably need a new list on other fun things to do this year. Keep reading INfleur Magazine 😉

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