Woman, 32, marries man at first sight- and it turns out he’s a millionaire!

Ever heard of a reality TV show called “Married at First Sight”? No? Well, the name is just what it is- wed a stranger on sight! So, this show just started a new season and is now trending for the right reasons.
Stephanie, 32, and Ben, 36 are the latest pair of this ‘experimental’ show, and fans are really up for it! Why? Turns out Steph and Ben hit it off instantly when they met! This rarely happens on the show, according to viewers. Plus, Stephanie seems to have struck lucky because… Ben happens to be a millionaire!

Marries at first sight
Ben and Stephanie looking so much in love. Source: DailyMail.co.uk

Wow, they sure look like a match made in heaven…

Married At First Sight, is an American reality show that features six people who agree to participate in an extreme experiment: Each gets legally married to a complete stranger! Three specialists, which include a relationship coach, apply scientific matchmaking methods to pair contestants- who will not have had contact with each other until the wedding day. They get married and we get to see how they relate after the wedding; including their honeymoons. Each couple must then decide, after several weeks, whether to stay married or break it off.

Bombshells will be dropped! ??? #MAFS

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People generally have mixed feelings about the show, but Ben and Stephanie have caught the hearts of viewers with their ‘special bond’.

After meeting for the first time, at the altar, the two displayed an incredible chemistry. They even joked that it felt as if they’d known each other for years. The ceremony, which delayed at the start- for almost an hour, had everyone tense. Yet, even Ben’s skeptical parents, couldn’t doubt the instant spark between the couple when they first met. Indeed, love ‘at first sight’. Moments after the vows were said, viewers fell in love with the couple- because they kept making out! It was truly magical how they connected.

Marries at first sight
Ben and Steph couldn’t get enough of each other after vows were said
Stephanie got married first sight

Stephanie, a police officer, described herself as a ‘training bra for men’,  following her numerous failed relationships. Though concealing the actual number, she admitted to being engaged more than once. In fact, her last relationship almost resulted in marriage. She even owns a collection of her old engagement rings!  “It’s become pretty much a running joke with my friends that I tend to get that close and not actually make it,” she said. Despite not a lucky one in love, some viewers have lots of high hopes for Steph this time.

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married first sight
Ben on the other hand, is a quantity surveyor and can be described as a ‘hopeless romantic’.

After a long relationship of 12 years, Ben got his heart broken when his fiancee took off to Greece with another man. Ouch! For eight months, prior to marrying Steph, Ben had been single. He lives in a mansion, drives an expensive ride plus owns a fancy £20,000 suit collection! In addition, he’d spent five years building a house fit for his future family. The only thing the millionaire needed to be complete, was a lifetime partner.

“I’ve done well for myself. I’ve got everything but what’s the point in having everything if you can’t share it with someone?”

Thanks to the show, Ben has a real shot again at love and this time he is overly excited. So much so that he actually got a tattoo of the wedding date! He said, “I’m that committed to this relationship that I ended up getting a tattoo of mine and Stephanie’s wedding date. I wear my heart on my sleeve and that is how committed I am.”

Married at first sight
Ben revealed tattoo he got of the wedding date

The team of experts normally use six weeks to gather information about a ‘perfect marriage’ from 4000 singletons. Then, they get volunteers to give them information ranging from their morals to their future plans, height measurements, hair samples, and even had the size of their ring fingers taken down. Finally, these experts come to a conclusion by deciding on ‘perfect matches’ based on their data. Psycho-sexual therapist and psychologist, Jo Coker, paired Steph together with Ben because of their extroverted personalities and shared desire to finally find the one.

Here are some comments from viewers and fans of the show:

“#MarriedAtFirstSight was actually lovely – if Ben and Steph don’t make it tho, I’ve no idea what I’ll do (my guilty pleasures are now this and First Dates… odd)”

“Steph & Ben both seem so well suited I really hope they’d stay together & their marriage is working for them #MarriedAtFirstSight”.

Totally rooting for Ben & Stephanie, there was definitely chemistry there ?#MarriedAtFirstSight

“I don’t want to watch any more #MarriedAtFirstSight in case Ben and Stephanie split up. I hope they buck the trend and last the course.”

Married at first sight
Ben and Steph kissing at the altar
We sure hope they last as a couple. Watch highlights of the episode below


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